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For Davy Brown there has never been any doubt about the path his life would take: to paint and to share his skill with others.His career began officially at the age of 21 when he held his first solo exhibition at the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow. However, his life as an Artist was decided before than when he was a young boy. Davy was born in Kilmarnock in 1950 and studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1968 – 1972. The following year he qualified as an Art Teacher from Moray House in Edinburgh before winning a scholarship to travel and teach art in America, Canada and Iceland. Read more…

“I don’t subscribe to the notion that drawing and painting cannot be taught or that only innate ability counts. Seeing the look on the face of someone who has achieved something beyond their wildest expectations is an experience that cannot be bought.”


Coastal scene in Galloway

Guests at the Selkirk Arms

Kirkcudbright harbour

Inspiring scenery

Seascape painting at the Isle of Whithorn

Art class at the Isle of Whithorn

Davy with guest at the harbour

Painting at the Isle of Whithorn

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